Tripp Lite SRCOOL33K Blower Wheel

The primary blower wheel is the squirrel cage attached to the blower motor that is used in order to produce a steady airflow through all the ductwork of a home. It is sometimes called a squirrel cage due to the slight alikeness of a hamster wheel. Whatever name you use, it is definitely an important contraption that is needed for suitable airflow.

General warnings of a poorly performing blower wheel cage

Check eBay to see if your blower wheel is in stock!
If you decide on picking up or purchasing a replacement blower wheel for your Tripp Lite SRCOOL33K, do your due diligence and cross-check the model number and also make a visual inspection so that you are positive that the right blower wheel is being ordered. There is no need to replace the part all by yourself. Consult with a professional in your area to pay to install it for you.
Feel free to download your manual for help.
Check eBay for your blower wheel!