Lennox CBX27UH-042 Control Board

Your air handler will be unable to activate unless this board is in connected and operational. The control board is constructed to oversee everything including the gas valve, the igniter, most sensors and the blower all at once. The board that you will choose is supposed to have a part number that matches both the brand and model of your heating and cooling system. You should always be careful when you decide to replace your control board because of the many variances of models and types.

Warnings your primary control board will not live much longer

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Before you decide on buying or ordering a replacement control board for your Lennox CBX27UH-042, do your due diligence and double check the correct model and also make a visual comparison in order to be sure the proper replacement control board is being ordered. Take safety precautions when installing or replacing an HVAC part. If you are not exactly sure of what to do next call a pro. Stay safe.
Feel free to download your manual for help.
Check eBay for your control board!