Fujitsu ASU9RMLQ Control Board

Heating and cooling systems will not even operate without this vital piece of hardware is configured and seated properly. The control board is created to command the gas valve, the igniter, the flame sensor and the blower all at once. The control board you choose will need to be a match with your existing board and be compatible with both the brand and specific model of HVAC system. You should always be careful while selecting a replacement because of the diversity of HVAC systems.

Subtle hints your primary control board is on its last leg

Check eBay to see if your control board is in stock!
If you decide on picking up or ordering do your best and make sure of the model number and also make a visual inspection in order to be sure the correct control board is the one being purchased. There is no need to install it yourself. Look for a professional locally to pay to install it for you.
Feel free to download your manual for help.
Check eBay for your control board!