Fujitsu ASU36CLX Cooling Fan Motor

The fan motor has a specific duty of cooling the outdoor compressor, this is needed because of the heat must be driven away. The motor can be replaced individually as this will make it a lot easier to install and reduce the price overall. It is important that you find one with the correct voltage and the proper amount of amperage as it is on the current motor.

Easy warnings the cooling fan motor is in dire need of a replacement

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Before you decide on buying or ordering any Fujitsu ASU36CLX part, do your due diligence and double check the model number as well as make a visual comparison so that you are positive that the correct replacement cooling fan motor is being ordered. Make safety your number one priority when you replace or install any part of a heating or cooling system. If there are any doubts about what you are doing then call a pro. Stay safe.
Feel free to download your manual for help.
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