Fujitsu AOU9RL2 Control Board

The Fujitsu AOU9RL2 control board is made to direct the gas valve, the igniter, the flame sensor as well as the air circulator all at once. HVAC systems will not function without the board properly connected to the unit. The board you choose must be compatible with the brand and the model of the unit in question. Be very careful while choosing a new control board because of the diversity of heating and cooling systems.

Major warnings your Fujitsu control board needs to be replaced

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If you decide on picking up or purchasing any Fujitsu AOU9RL2 part do your best and cross-check the correct model and also make a visual comparison in order to be sure the proper replacement control board is being ordered. Replacing the control board can be quite easy assuming you possess the knowledge and have the tools to do it right.
Feel free to download your manual for help.
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